I Don’t Do Wedding Photographs But If I Did..

  So weddings are something which I have always vowed that I would never do. I suppose in the beginning it was the fear that you might ruin someones big day by not loading the film in the camera correctly, or the camera breaking, or the shop accidentally loosing your film (yes I’m a worrier!). Maybe […]

Photographer Aidan O’Neill Helping Reduce HIV in Swaziland

Photographer Aidan O’Neill is currently in Swaziland for his second visit to raise awareness of HIV. Currently one in every four adults are living with HIV or Aids in Swaziland. Working along side the charity Artaid World they hope to reduce the transmission of HIV through education and awareness, and medical funding. Swaziland is a small landlocked […]

The iPhone 4s still has a great camera!!!

Yes I’m behind the times, but when it comes to mobile phones, I always seem to be one step behind the rest. That is until about 4 years later when someone hands me one they don’t want anymore, as they just upgraded. I guess that I never believe they are that worthwhile when they first […]