Advertising Photography Dublin


Advertising Photography Dublin

I love to work within advertising photography as each shoot can be so different to the last. One week I can be working in a cold field in the west of Ireland, and the next I’m photographing in a warm studio in Dublin. I feel my 15 years experience, and background in fine art and fashion photography really help when it comes to advertising photography. I never like to get stuck shooting the same subjects and I love to exploring new ideas. In advertising I really feel I can play with ideas and help develop them further when needed.

I previously studied fine art photography at IADT college Dublin. I feel this is where I learnt how to properly use photography equipment, and to light in different styles. I spent a lot of my time in the studio lighting different setups and learning about light. Whether it was shooting models in a fashion setting, or a still setup such as food, there were always lessons to be learnt regarding lighting, camera settings and composition. Of course back then it was a lot less forgiving as I was using film, and you didn’t know what anything would look like until your negatives were developed.

When I started out in my late teens photographing my favourite bands, I was using film and printing my negatives by hand, but a few years ago everything changed and now I only shoot digital. As much as I love film and working with negatives, the speed at which you can process a digital image just cannot be argued with. In advertising photography when a job needs to turn around fast, digital photography is my only choice. That being said, I feel that my background in using film and printing negatives is a great help to my work, and the photographs that I produce today. The technology might not be used as much these days, but the ideas behind them remain the same.

Above you can view some samples of my work including photographs for Tesco and IPM.

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