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Property Photographer Dublin and Architecture Photography

I have been a property photographer for the past 15 years now, working with many companies involved in property and architecture in Dublin and throughout Ireland. My photographs have featured in various publications as well as and As a property photographer I find photographing architecture both an exciting challenge and a personal passion. Capturing a building at it’s best angles and also showing the original architectural intent is something which took years of practise. My wife is also a qualified architect, which gives me a unique insight into both modern and classical designs.

I like to use available natural light as well as bounce flash when photographing interiors. Ideally natural light would suffice, but often extra light is needed. Flash and studio lights are used to bring out details that might otherwise be lost. The results are only ever natural and complimentary looking.

As a property photographer it is essential to have good high quality wide angle lenses. I normally don’t like to go any wider than 16 millimeter when shooting. This is so that the original depth of the room is maintained. I only use top of the range Canon cameras and lenses.

For external shoots I will often wait until the light is at it’s best. Personally I love it when a building has side lighting in the morning or late afternoon. It is very important to time the weather and the position of the sun for the day of the shoot. This allows me to illuminate the building in such a way as to show it’s best angles. As a property photographer my aim is to deliver depth, contours and style. I also wish to capture the original architectural design, but with a fresh look.

I feel my experience in fashion and advertising also lends itself to architectural and property photography. Dealing with form, shape, lighting and contours all cross over into architectural photography. I often use my background in studio photography to get the best lighting from a building. Using natural light, bounce flash and tungsten light, I can combine all three to get the results I desire.

I also video properties. Below I have a sample video:

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