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Product Photographer Dublin

I do product photography in various photographic studios around Dublin. Whether it be food, packaging, artwork or advertising I will work to get the best out of your product. I will photograph it in the most complimentary and visually appealing way possible. Often I will ask my clients if they have a style in mind or any examples of what they want. Often a quick Google image search will come up with hundreds of examples of product photography. We can then work together to come up with a unique style for the product.

As a product photographer I love to shoot in a studio environment. I can control and manipulate the light to get the results I want. I normally use a 3 to 4 lighting setup to get the desired affects. I will always aim to have the photographs look very natural and complimentary to the product. After the studio shoot I will further process the product shots using photographic programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. As a product photographer I always aim to have my product shots 90% complete before leaving the studio. The end results are always natural looking high quality images. I only use high end top of the range equipment from Canon.

Above you can see some recent product photography shots for screen print artist Fawn, and potato product shots I created for IPM. Both of the product photography shoots took place in Dublin studios that I use. I work from different studios depending on what lighting setup is needed and the type of product. Sometimes products can be much larger in scale so a larger room might be needed. Also I might need a longer room so as I can place the camera further away from the subject.

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