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If you wish to contact me regarding headshots and business portraits, please use the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Headshots Dublin and professional portrait sessions available both on location and in studio. These will often be used for company websites and social media profiles such as Linkedin. I always travel with a backdrop and studio lights so I can set up on location. This often works best as most companies don’t have time to send their employees to photography studios for headshots.

Portraiture and headshots can often be a challenge in photography. For example when shooting corporate headshots, often very little time is available as people give you only a few minutes between meetings or breaks. Also spaces can be very limiting, such as a dark office space with no natural light, or a small cramped room. This is where experience and equipment come into play.

To prepare for every situation, I will always arrive with a backdrop and studio lights so that we don’t have to rely on natural light. Often a client will prefer a studio setup with a plain grey or white backdrop for their headshots. However sometimes I’ll be asked for more stylized and less formal photographs. In this situation we often leave the office environment in order to find something more suitable. However a nice stairwell, balcony or rooftop can often work well.

Headshots can look very simple, but to do them right is definitely not easy. Whether I use studio lights or available light, the photographs and subject must look their best, and the lighting must be perfect. I will often work with both available and studio light, to achieve the best results. I also try to photograph the subjects as quickly as possible, as I find that often the first couple of shots are the best. After this people seize up as they are not used to being photographed.

I will often be asked to photograph headshots for a company or individual’s social media profiles such as Linkedin, or their company website. I have also photographed headshots for artists, musicians, models and actors. Depending on the profession, we can talk about the style and way in which they would like to be photographed. I always try to bring out the personality of the person I’m photographing.

I like to use my Canon 5d mark III, with a long lens such as a 100mm to 170mm, shooting at around f2.8 to achieve a nice depth of field. I want my subjects to look relaxed and at their best. After the shoot I will process the images, and send the client their photographs. To do this I normally use either Dropbox or Wetransfer.

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