Covid 19 – Business As Usual? A NEW Normal..

Some Predictions on Photography and the Covid 19 Pandemic Writing this in May 2020, it’s hard to see when this will be behind us, but I would hope to begin to return to a NEW normal come September. If I’m wrong, then I’d prefer to be an optimist and wrong than a pessimist and right. […]

Dear Client, why do you hire me??

And then post images taken on your phone.. Why do you hire a professional photographer, if not to paint your event in the best possible light. For that reason, why do you then post pictures from your mobile phone to your social media pages?? They are badly lit, badly framed and paint your event in […]

Why hire a photographer – Jimmy has a professional camera!

Why Hire a Photographer First of all, Jimmy might have a professional camera, but would you trust someone who wasn’t a surgeon with a professional surgeon’s knife? No, so neither should you trust Jimmy, unless he can show you an extensive portfolio of photographic experience including the exact type of photography you are after. I have worked for […]

Corporate Events Dublin – Future Looks Bright

Corporate Event Photography Dublin 2017 was a very busy year for corporate event photography in Dublin. I worked with many Irish and international companies who chose to host their corporate events in Ireland. More and more international companies seem to be choosing Ireland as a hub to host their events, especially when in comes to […]

Halal Daddy – Cows, Car Crashes and Chaos

Here is what I would describe as possibly the maddest image I have ever taken. However this would be a lie, as in reality it is 4 separate images. The best parts of each photograph have been edited together to create the image above. In reality what you see above never really happened.. This was taken […]

Brochure Photography

Brochure Photography Dublin Above you can view some samples of my recent brochure photography. If you wish to contact me regarding your upcoming brochure, my contact details are at the bottom of this page. Often companies will contact me to create the photographic content for their brochures. Brochure photography is a very important feature for […]

Social Media Photography

Photography for Social Media | Live Posting During Events Social media photography is essential for any business with an online presence nowadays. Having photographs online during an event, in the world of corporate business has become the norm. Information ages so quickly these days, that if information about an event that took place is posted any […]

Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots and Portraits Dublin Corporate headshots and portraits have become essential to today’s workplace. Often a business will want to publicise an announcement or a recent corporate event, or simply update their employee’s Linkedin profiles. Corporate headshots have become essential to high level businesses these days. People also recognize that professional looking corporate portraits will only […]

Making of Hidden Cities – Dublin In The Dark

Here is a behind the scenes video I made for a UK company called Visualise. They are a very interesting company who specialise in virtual reality, 3D, and 360 degree video. Something which is becoming more and more popular these days. The technology is so readily available that you can now view YouTube videos with this […]