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Social Media PhotographyPhotography for Social Media | Live Posting During Events

Social media photography is essential for any business with an online presence nowadays. Having photographs online during an event, in the world of corporate business has become the norm. Information ages so quickly these days, that if information about an event that took place is posted any later than a few hours afterwords, it is too old. The ship has sailed so to speak, and readers are no longer interested.

For this reason, when speaking with clients before an event, I will ask them if they wish to have social media images sent to them during their conference or event. There will normally be a social media person who manages this side of the business for them. I find that the easiest way to send them images is through Whatsapp via my phone. I can send images directly to their phones. They will then automatically have these images, and can upload them directly to their social media.

By sending them from my camera to my phone, I can then quickly edit them using apps such as Snapseed. I wouldn’t spend much time doing this, only a few seconds if I feel I’d like to bring out the colours or contrast more, or perhaps give it a nice border or effect to the image. I then forward these onto the elected social media person.

Apart from the speed of this, the quality of the images will be much better than what the client might take on their phones. Also the social media person is often delighted that they don’t have to take the photographs themselves.

Often by the end of a business conference or event, the client will have 20 to 30 images already sent out on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin. The world so to speak is aware of their conference even before the client themselves have seen the photographs from the event.

If you wish to discuss your upcoming event or conference, and the possibility of having social media photography, please use the contact details below:

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