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Website photography has become essential to businesses of today. In the past companies were happy to use stock photography, but now businesses want to have a personal touch. By having their own staff in photographs as well as their office space, clients have a window into their business and the people who work there. It shows their personalities and familiarises people with the company before they walk through the door.

Stock images of people working and interacting in the office space are usually made using both models and beautiful spaces. Often it is very obvious looking at a website that they have used stock imagery. Perfect people, perfect bodies and lush stylised office spaces. It’s all too perfect. When dealing in reality, this can be quite different. People are not used to posing, and often spaces are not that inspiring. I really enjoy this style of photography. It forces me to be as creative as possible.

Through their website photography companies want to come across as friendly and approachable. Between the nerves and strangeness of the situation people will normally laugh and giggle. It’s the moments just after this when they recompose themselves that I like to get my shots. I find that these are the most natural and believable. Also as time goes on during a shoot people relax more and start to enjoy themselves. Much like shooting reality television. If your there long enough they start to relax and then the magic happens.

Office Portraits and Headshots

Company headshots are a great way of introducing staff to the public. Different companies will require different styles of portraits. Often a plain grey or white background suits best. Some prefer outdoor or will want it to look like they are in conversation. I like to deliver a few different options of moods to the client. A selection of some serious and then more relaxed and smiling options normally works well.

A nice group shot of all of the employees taken in nice and interesting surroundings often works well. Again I try not to have them looking too serious, however dependant on the company, sometimes this works too. If the office space is not large enough, I will find somewhere interesting outside to use.

Some recent companies I have photographed this style of photography for include CS ConsultingCartrawler and Carron & Walsh.

If you’re interested in getting some website photography or office portraits taken please contact me using the information below:

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