Dear Client, why do you hire me??

And then post images taken on your phone..

Why do you hire a professional photographer, if not to paint your event in the best possible light. For that reason, why do you then post pictures from your mobile phone to your social media pages?? They are badly lit, badly framed and paint your event in the worst possible light.

I can send images directly from my camera to your phone during your event. This way you can now show your event in the best possible light!

Notoriously events and conferences have the worst lighting, where a mobile phone’s camera will fail badly. A mobile phone, no matter how much money you spend on it, will not do what a professional camera and 15 years experience can do. Often people stand too far back from the action, taking a badly lit images with very little thought. Also the client won’t be able to get up close to the stage, or and have the lenses needed to take a nice selection of wide angled and long shots. I also won’t miss any of the action as I’m continuously shooting the event, and capturing all of those unique moments.

At every event I do, I will send the client a selection of 20 or so images for their social media pages during the event. I send images directly from my camera to the clients phone. Often I will discuss with the client at the event which photographs they would like for their social media.

Social media is there as a tool to promote your business and event to the public. To do this you should use the best possible pictures to paint your event in the best possible light. After the organizing, planning and money spent, let me help you to show your event in the best possible light!

The above images were taken during the Product Collective Industry Conference in Dublin in March 2020. I sent all of these images as the conference was happening to their phones for their social media.

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