Why hire a photographer – Jimmy has a professional camera!

Why hire a photographerWhy Hire a Photographer

First of all, Jimmy might have a professional camera, but would you trust someone who wasn’t a surgeon with a professional surgeon’s knife? No, so neither should you trust Jimmy, unless he can show you an extensive portfolio of photographic experience including the exact type of photography you are after.

I have worked for so many companies that previously hired a ‘friend’ of one of their employees who had a professional camera. I would much prefer a professional with an amateur camera/even mobile phone, than a amateur with a professional camera. It’s like giving a professional guitar to someone who doesn’t play, compared with a professional musician with a starter guitar.

Nothing makes up for knowledge and experience, no matter how much you spend on equipment. As good equipment becomes more and more affordable, there are more and more people out there with professional equipment, but little or no professional experience. However they and their unsuspecting future clients will only realise this the hard way.

Hiring a professional photographer comes with years of experience, and whether most professionals will admit it or not, years of making mistakes and learning from them. If anything, you are not only paying for their experience, but also their mistakes which they have learnt from and overcome.

Some of my biggest lessons (some would argue in life) are mistakes. Photography is a constant review process on how you can do better the next time. Whether it’s portraits, set stills or events, there are constant lessons to learn. Even if you never change your lighting setup in a studio, everyday lessons will still be learnt regarding composition and getting the best out of your clients facial expressions.

So to sum up, no amount of professional equipment can make up for professional experience.

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