House Photography

Architectural & House Photography, Dublin House photography is often something which people imagine to be simple. However to photograph a house properly requires skill, technique, experience and the right photographic equipment. I recently photographed a house for an interior designer and property owner in Malahide, Dublin. The owner had planned to rent the house out […]

Conference Photography

Conference Photography Dublin Conference photography can be a real challenge for photographers. Much can be required of the photographer in a relatively short space of time. Conferences often take place over a lunch hour, before work starts in the morning, or after work. For this reason both the speakers and attendees can be short on time, and things […]

Television Set Stills | Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope | RTE

Set Stills Ireland, ‘Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope’ I recently photographed set stills on the new RTE comedy drama entitled, ‘Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope’, written by Stefanie Preissner and produced by Deadpan Pictures. The first 2 episodes were aired on the 19th September, and will run for 4 more episodes to conclude the first series. It […]

Television and Film Publicity Stills

TV and Film Set Stills Ireland It’s been quite a busy year for me on set this year, with 2 feature films, a series for RTE, and a music video already under my belt. I’ve gotten to meet some great people, and work with some of the industries most talented. Although it can be a […]

Family Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Pregnancy Photo Shoot Recently I did a pregnancy photo shoot for a family with 2 children. I had done plenty of shoots with families before, but never a pregnancy shoot. It was important for the family that we incorporate the kids into the photographs with their future unborn sibling. I also got to play around with some interesting ideas […]

Reflections, Walls and Duplicates

Portraits Dublin Recently I was asked to take some portraits of someone for their professional website. I really like these kind of challenges as I get to play around with ideas I have. I wanted to approach this portrait session from a different angle. The client didn’t want the shots to be too formal, so I […]

Fawn Designs Ireland | Lifestyle Photography Dublin

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Fán Regan of, a lino print artist who has more recently been incorporating her designs into cups and tea towels. She is currently preparing to launch her new products at various Christmas markets around Dublin City this Christmas, and wanted these photographed in preparation. She has a simple and […]

I Don’t Do Wedding Photographs But If I Did..

  So weddings are something which I have always vowed that I would never do. I suppose in the beginning it was the fear that you might ruin someones big day by not loading the film in the camera correctly, or the camera breaking, or the shop accidentally loosing your film (yes I’m a worrier!). Maybe […]