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fawn-scetchingRecently I had the pleasure of working with Fán Regan of Fawn.ie, a lino print artist who has more recently been incorporating her designs into cups and tea towels. She is currently preparing to launch her new products at various Christmas markets around Dublin City this Christmas, and wanted these photographed in preparation. She has a simple and pure style, which she says are ‘all about the lines’. She normally starts with a very simple idea or even a scribble at times, and then refines this into beautiful pieces.

She wanted these photographed in the style of Lifestyle photography. To do this we used an old Georgian house in Dun Laoghaire. We decided to use the house as it had large windows that would let in plenty of natural light. We could then combine the natural light and studio flash to come up with the desired lifestyle affect we wanted.

Her work is very playful and fun, so we tried to compliment this using different props and setups. We used a teddy bear, an old cooking jotter that belonged to her late grandmother, and old wooden chest, as well as other interesting things we found and borrowed.

In 2007 Fán began working on lino prints as an idea for gifts for friends and family after moving back from London, with little or no money one Christmas. Following very positive and encouraging feedback she decided to then try to make a business out of her designs. Since then her work has gone on to sell in such establishments as Arnotts, The National Gallery gift shop, Kilkenny Design Centre and many more around Ireland and the UK. She also sells her products online on her Website.

She will be exhibiting her work at some of Dublin’s Christmas markets including; Christmas On The Square at the Irish Architectural Archive in Merrion Square, The National Craft and Design Fair at the RDS and The Wilde Design Fair in the Dublin Chamber of Commerce on Clare Street.


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