I Don’t Do Wedding Photographs But If I Did..


So weddings are something which I have always vowed that I would never do. I suppose in the beginning it was the fear that you might ruin someones big day by not loading the film in the camera correctly, or the camera breaking, or the shop accidentally loosing your film (yes I’m a worrier!). Maybe more recently it’s been down to the fear of working for a bridezilla! So basically for one reason or another I have steered well clear of them..

I do appreciate good wedding photography though! I even spent good money hiring photographers for my own wedding, and I’m really glad I did so. The pictures came out amazingly well, and it’s money well spent. There are some amazing wedding photographers out there! However I guess the subject matter never really excited me very much, and always seemed a little cliche to me! Not to mention how cut throat and competitive a market it is.

However inevitably I have been to many friends weddings, and ended up taking the odd shot here and there. At least if they’re not paying the pressure is off and I can relax and play with ideas. Above you can see a selection of a few photographs from recent weddings I have attended. I like these shots as they are almost anti-wedding shots. Giving a narrative of a bride rebelling or running away from something which she doesn’t want. We might picture a controlling family forcing her into a marriage she doesn’t really want to conform to. Or running off to find her real lover which her parents disapprove of.

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I were to do a wedding, I’d really like to play on these ideas more, and not go with the cliche romantic shots that we know, and some of us love! 😉

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