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Travel photography is an area that I have been passionate about for the past 15 years, since my first visit to Cuba. I was always inspired by magnum photographers and documentary photography. Since Cuba, I have visited and photographed many countries including Thailand, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Japan. I love to see new places, cultures and people, and try to photograph them in a respectful non obtrusive way. I also try to photograph them in a unique way. I don’t try to fit in like a local, but use the fact that I am new to the area to my advantage. Things stand out to me that locals may have grown accustomed to. For example I know that when I walk the streets of my home town Dublin, often I don’t notice things which a tourist might immediately spot.

For me when I travel to new places it only teaches me how much larger and diverse the world is. I come home only wanting to see more. My passion began when I first traveled to Cuba for 8 weeks in 2001. As everything I saw was so different to what I was used to, I found out quite quickly that I hadn’t brought enough film (yes I was using film) with me! In a way this helped me to be very selective when shooting. I fell in love with the unique appearance of the people of Cuba and the beautiful buildings and scenery. I took alot of portraits of people, something which was quite a challenge to me at the time as I wasn’t used to approaching people.

In the future I hope to work with some charities and in my own time to return to South America to photograph. Travel photography never gets old for me, and is always both a challenge and a passion. It teaches me so much about life and people.

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