The iPhone 4s still has a great camera!!!

Yes I’m behind the times, but when it comes to mobile phones, I always seem to be one step behind the rest. That is until about 4 years later when someone hands me one they don’t want anymore, as they just upgraded. I guess that I never believe they are that worthwhile when they first come out, and maybe I also hold out hope that I’ll get one cheaper or for free in the future when the new new new one comes out!

Well this is what  happened with the iPhone 4s about 6 months ago. Before this I had never had a good camera on any phone, and would rarely take pictures on my phone. However since receiving my iPhone 4s, I have not looked back, and I use it almost every day!

In combination with an nice little app called Snapseed which pretty much works like a simplified version of Photoshop, I can process my pictures in a similar way to what I would normally do. Some sample shots are below, but if you want to keep up with the latest photo’s from my phone please follow me on Instagram by clicking here! I use it like a visual diary for all things I find interesting and quirky!

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